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This site is set up for you to easily navigate the extra lit creations that I've designed to uplift, inspire, educate, and empower.
New creations are constantly being added to the site, so please do visit again soon and sign up to our
We So Lit email group for updates.

Why a website that features so many different types of creations?

I decided to follow my heart instead of "industry standards" in a few ways for a few reasons:

1. My 30+ years experience as a musician & music teacher has shown me that people respond to art & education that
resonates, therefore there is no reason to compartmentalize & separate art nearly as much as the old industry has suggested.

2. I've found that there are natural connections between music production/performance/education, poetry, photography, graphic design, dance, culinary arts, and the art of living holistically. A website that includes all is ideal for
convenience & cost effectiveness :-)

3.  I genuinely enjoy creating & sharing the aforementioned forms of art & education.  I appreciate this opportunity to do so free from social media censorship & control.  I welcome your feedback on your website experience and/or reviews
of any of  the Extra Lit Creations products.

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